Congress or Progress?

Reflecting on last night’s events, we once again see that the same old tricks are being played. What exactly did this mob of extremists accomplish by smashing equipment, defacing property and storming the Senate and House of Congress? Absolutely nothing! Joseph Biden was still certified as President.

The question is, will the US dollar continue its 2020 trend? Well here is one expert’s opinion: “The U.S. economy may soon experience higher inflation than has been seen for quite some time” – said St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard on Thursday.

There are, however, contradictions between FED colleagues. Charles Evans, the president of the Chicago Fed was quoted in the same article saying, “Show me the inflation. We need to see it.” Many identify inflation with stocks at an all-time high, real estate at an all-time high, and even Bitcoin at an all-time high.

Arguably, it is the mainstream media’s agenda to keep the common man confused with contradictions.

Many investment strategies remain the same, “Get out of the dollar!” Since Democrats have now swept the house and senate, we know much more easy money will follow, resulting in higher inflations.

I will say, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, that the dollar will continue to lose value. So, if you have any idle cash languishing in your bank account then you can expect it to lose purchasing power. Idle cash must be invested and alternative currencies like Bitcoin have proven to be the most profitable avenue. However, looking at a chart, one would wonder if BTC will go any higher? Luckily, ChainMyne has several options.

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