Custody Solution

The Security and Safety Of Your Digital Assets Are Top Priority At ChainMyne!

Ensuring the security and safety of your digital assets in today’s  globalized world is tough. However, this is not the case if you have the right digital currency platform by your side. At ChainMyne, the security of digital assets is ensured across all levels.

What Are Custody Solutions and Why Are They Important?

In cryptocurrency, a custody solution is an independent security and storage system that serves to contain large amounts of coins/tokens. Custody solutions are among the newest inventions that have sprung into existence due to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They are understood as pre-indicators of the entry of institutional capital into the cryptocurrency industry. Custody solutions are third-party services that provide security and storage services for Crypto Assets. Custody solutions are primarily geared towards institutional investors who hold big quantities of bitcoin or other types of digital assets.

The primary purpose of custody solutions is to safeguard cryptocurrency assets. Private keys are alpha-numerical passwords, and they are utilized in transactions or in accessing cryptocurrency holdings. It is very difficult to remember these keys, and they are vulnerable to hacking and theft. Digital wallets are also a possible solution. However, they are vulnerable to hacking and theft as well.
Safe and secure transactions and storage are ensured  with us!

Operating from  our headquarters in Quebec, Canada, ChainMyne has expanded  our services across the globe.  Our expansion has allowed individuals, professionals, and institutions to trade in digital assets with comfort and ease.

How We Do It

ChainMyne’s Custody Solution is  uniquely distinct from those of other digital currency platforms. What sets our services apart is our partnership with  FireBlocks; one of the leading providers of security solutions.  Therefore, we provide a wide range of services, such as physical security, insurance coverage, and independent auditing services.  The qualities of ease of accessibility and reliability makes ChainMyne renowned for  our products and services.

That’s not all! 98{1b2f824bc6e420fc9a9187b8b3310ed445a6e3af66c80d2539d63fc0a4adee40} of our coins are held in Cold Storage. Secure storage of your financial instruments along with a reduction in risk due to insurance coverage is  guaranteed. ChainMyne effortlessly covers all bases.  This is so that you  may sit back and focus on observing the developing market trends without having to worry about the safety of your digital assets.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Why Security Matters

As the landscape of cryptocurrency and digital assets evolves and changes in our modern economy, security and safety are of the utmost importance . At ChainMyne we take this very seriously as well. The financial ecosystem on which the structure of cryptocurrency rests is what makes it desirable.

Having been licensed and registered as a Money Services Business in accordance with the FINTRAC guidelines, ChainMyne has the right knowledge, understanding, and access to financial tools  to navigate the industry. Safe and protected transactions are a given with ChainMyne as your service provider! 

Here is what we offer:

  • Cold storage with maximum security
  • Policy Layering
  • Scalability to suit high volume and high-value situations
  • Multiple signatory solutions 

Plan With Us Today!

Getting on board with ChainMyne is just a phone call away. Call us and get a detailed breakdown of our custody solution services. Our Personal Directors  will be there  to assist you around the clock for any type of financial guidance as well. 

We seek to put your financial needs, goals, and preferences first. This is what allows us to ensure  the effectiveness of our services and high customer satisfaction. 

Trust ChainMyne to keep your cryptocurrency safe and secure! You won’t regret it!