Flat Rates Guaranteed

Flat Rate Guarantees Are the Key Building Block for Digital Investments at ChainMyne!

With ChainMyne, you will have the opportunity to get connected with the world of digital currency and reap rewards worth a lot more than your initial investment. Headquartered in Quebec, Canada, ChainMyne offers sustainable and dynamic financial options in the world of blockchain and technology. 

We offer the latest and most affordable financial solutions to  kickstart your journey towards financial independence and wealth creation. Easy access, quick and efficient trading,  and seamless post-trade settlements are all offered here with the click of a button. 

Safety, security, and flat rates are all guaranteed at ChainMyne.

How We Do It

We have a policy that is fixed for all. It does not only offer competitive low fees but also provides you with a wide range of options to choose from. ChainMyne’s OTC (Over-The Counter) trading desk is plugged into all the largest liquidity providers globally to ensure an easy, fast, and seamless execution process. You  may access our flat fees via the trading platform or contact our OTC desk directly to benefit from our low fees. They’re sure to align with your financial needs and goals. 

A flat fee of 1{1b2f824bc6e420fc9a9187b8b3310ed445a6e3af66c80d2539d63fc0a4adee40} commission is all it takes.  This is regardless of how much volume is traded. 

That’s not all! We do not charge any hidden fees here at all. ChainMyne is your one-stop shop to achieve all your digital currency goals.

Our approach towards digital currency is different. We align your financial goals with our values.  In doing so, we give you the power to achieve financial independence in no time. 

Our Flat Rate Guarantee

What sets us apart from our competitors is our vision of providing the best! We do this by offering low fees on trades of $25,000 or more, and depending on volume, we can negotiate even lower fees to ensure we are competitive. We also offer currency trading in Canadian Dollars (CAD), US Dollar’s (USD), and Euros (EUR) as well. You can trade in fiat and crypto from anywhere, all while getting low rates, with us by your side. In addition, we are frequently adding new coins based on customers’ demands.

With years of experience and exposure to the ever-transforming digital arena, ChainMyne has developed a comprehensive understanding of how cryptocurrency  works.  Work with us and see the difference for yourself. 

Once you’ve had the ChainMyne experience through our products and services, you will see why our clients only trade with us! Affordable rates are sure to be found with us.

Get On Board!

What are you waiting for? Call us today and get in touch with our specialists or Personal Directors for further guidance. 

We understand that digital currency platforms can be complicated and highly challenging to operate and navigate. We are registered  in accordance with the FINTRAC guidelines as a Money Services Business.  This makes us reliable, professional, and proficient with respect to all our products and services. 

ChainMyne offers personalized experiences for you to buy and sell any volume of digital currency across the globe. In addition, we value customer satisfaction and prioritize the comfort and security of our clients. This is what makes us trusted and relied upon by experts all over.  


ChainMyne is renowned for its reliability, precision, and accuracy in flat rate guarantees across the digital currency landscape.