Have fundamentals changed?

What are investors watching when they decide to trade; trends, hype, gains? 

And what are institutions looking for; security, accountability, risk management? 

Whatever it is, the fundamentals do not change when assessing crypto. As the argument for crypto grows louder among traditional institutions, DeFi achieves yields never before earned in financial history with the help of compounding earnings. It is clear, there has been a paradigm shift. Today, market-making services that once offered to an exclusive elite, are now open to the public. And who would have guessed that it would attract a massive audience? However, this recent flood has forced the Ethereum network to price out most casual traders. 

“Scale!” users plead. “L2 solutions are around the corner.”, developers answered. 

Well, time moved on without a change, and now it seems nobody waited. The capital moved onto the next chain fueling ADA to the top 3 as its services are said to outperform Ethereum.

Previously, we had spoken about the continued stimulus and how it will inflate assets. Since publishing our article How will more stimulus move the market? assets have certainly inflated. The question is, where will this new capital go? We have seen the USD rise on the DXY year to date causing many to question if this is the sign traders need to retain confidence in the dollar.Meanwhile, popular influencers are calling a local top on BTC, and with the dollar gaining strength, it seems like a good time to take your gains. However, a falling dollar is more accurately traced against the goods and services we purchase every day. Anyone that walks into their local grocery store can attest to the dollar losing value as groceries continue their rise. Fiat has historically not been a safe haven, so why would fundamentals change now?
Over the past few weeks, we have seen increased volatility across many indexes. Still, I repeat, fundamentals have not changed. We have seen an increase in spending, suppressed inflation and signs of yield control. Although we have come a long way from the start of 2021, when Washington was overrun, jobless claims continue to pour in.

And apparently even these statistics are inaccurate. As mentioned in the linked article: “Today, the Federal Reserve suggests that the real unemployment rate is roughly 10{1b2f824bc6e420fc9a9187b8b3310ed445a6e3af66c80d2539d63fc0a4adee40}.”  That translates to roughly 32 million people unemployed, which is nearly Canada’s entire population by the way. It is impossible to predict the future, however, we can identify trends. And when you see the following headlines: “JPMorgan regulatory filings reveal ‘basket’ product tied to crypto-linked public companies.” , you can find confidence in this emerging market and the best way to participate is through a reliable and trusted exchange like ChainMyne. As a proud Canadian exchange, ChainMyne is building towards a new future of financial independence, transparency, trust, and accessibility. Start trading with ChainMyne today and experience for yourself how we provide our clients with best-in-class customer service, a tailored personalized experience, and easy access to building wealth … all through a secure and reliable platform! 

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