Merry Christmas

The dollar resumed its downward trend, as Trump aims to raise stimulus, and why not? He has nothing to be accountable for anymore. The only question is: When will Americans get a cheque? Politicians dangle offers all the time. The “China Trade Deal” was last winter’s bait. This winter, we get the same old promise in new wrapping.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House, and she was recently caught drooling at the last Congress meeting. When POTUS declared higher cheques, it was the first time Democrat Pelosi agreed with the Republican President Trump, a unity in the name of easy money: 

Pelosi Pushing Trump’s Call For $2,000 Payments”Although Republicans quickly turned the $2000 dollar cheques down, many anticipate that high stimulus coupled with the promise of low interest over the next few years will insure the downward trend of the dollar:

So, Is it time to spend? Many believe so, as market dips are quickly eaten up. Here in the cryptocurrency world, the mainstream narrative will have you worry with articles published to push investors into thinking that trouble is ahead.

“Grayscale Temporarily Stops Accepting New Clients in Six Crypto Trusts”

Bitcoin headed for Christmas volatility as 100K BTC options expire”

Yes, a risk is always present, the year-end tax event has provided dips in the past, but this morning the market seems to be ready for another leg up as many investors weigh the risk of holding a declining dollar. In the event that a greater supply of fiat chases the same number of goods, it may already be too late. So, during the holiday season, think of your loved ones when choosing ChainMyne to help protect your wealth from political spendthrifts.

We hope you all enjoy your holiday season and have a Happy New Year from the ChainMyne team!

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