ChainMyne Press Release

This month ChainMyne a Canadian owned digital currency platform with headquarters in Quebec will go live. The exchange is founded by CEO Kimberly Rosales, a digital asset investor since 2016. It was then at the start of crypto’s last bull run when BTC was still below $1,000 USD and ETH was under $10 that Kimberly dove into crypto to quickly recognize the use-case and potential of Digital Currency/Blockchain technology as well as how it can be adopted into the future of traditional financial services.

As Kim searched for the right exchange complications caused plenty of delays. However these barriers were easily solved by services from the traditional finance sector resulting in the seed that would become ChainMyne. 

“With so many scams out there, people are very nervous about how to handle their assets. At ChainMyne we built a brand focused on creating a personalized experience with the highest level of security, and confidence when investing in Digital Currency.”

Philipe Salem Director of Sales/ Head of OTC

ChainMyne provides the best-in-class customer service with personalized support for every experience. Our network has access to building wealth and solid relationships with Schedule 1 banks. ChainMyne maintains the highest level of security for all the Digital Currency offered and seamless post-trade settlements into fiat currency.

“We want to share the power of financial independence through blockchain technology. So we offer peace of mind by accessing the most trusted source for on and off ramps in North America when transacting with Digital Currencies.”

Kimberly Rosales CEO

ChainMyne’s mission is to create financial independence and secure access to building wealth through Crypto Assets.

Contact info:
Website: Chainmyne

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