Relationship Management

Get the Support You Need and Build Strong Relationships with ChainMyne today!

The changing and developing world of digital currency requires an in-depth and comprehensive understanding. And, experts and financial professionals in the field of digital currency are the assets you ought to get in touch with. 

In this regard, ChainMyne is the premium digital currency platform that can help you achieve your financial goals. 

ChainMyne is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, but we offer our services across the globe. We deal in traditional currencies such as Canadian Dollars (CAD), US Dollars (USD), and Euros (EUR). Our core function is assisting clients in trading digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and many more. Instant funding and access to deep block size liquidity pools is one of the reasons clients looking to make large block trades prefer to use ChainMyne.

At ChainMyne we provide financial assistance and white glove services for institutions as well as high-net-worth individuals.

How We Do It

ChainMyne helps you connect with the bigger picture. How so? By helping you stay connected with a dedicated Personnel Director. Be it via the telephone, email, or text, 24/7 support is guaranteed. Be it any time of the day or night, we are there for your assistance. Relationship management with this approach is thus sure to reap long-term benefits for all our clients.

Our Personal Directors are fully vetted and provide our clients with a white-glove service. They have had years of experience in the field of financial services and Cryptocurrency. This helps us ensure a relationship with our clients is based on trust and security. 

We start off with an introductory call for a discovery between our clients and Personal Directors. This helps us understand the past, present, and future financial goals at stake. = We take a unique approach from our competitors as we guide you from onboarding to execution. There is no going wrong with us by your side.

Why ChainMyne?

Being certified and licensed in the field of digital currency, ChainMyne has earned its title of being a Money Services Business as per the FINTRAC guidelines. This has made us renowned for our professional and proactive approach towards digital currency and its trading. We seek to put our client’s comfort and ease first, thus setting the foundation for a mutually beneficial and sustainable long-term relationship with our clients.

Our philosophy lies in being inclusive, welcoming, and having a hands-on approach towards acquiring digital assets for all. Transparent access to financial freedom coupled with peer to peer networking is what we do best. Strong relationship management based on these principles is what has helped ChainMyne earn its reputation for being authentic, genuine, and well established.

Our relationship management is what sets us apart from our competitors. We make sure the investment made is worth it!

Build A Lasting Relationship!

Call us and get in touch today! Set forth on your journey towards building a lasting and sustainable relationship that aligns with your goals, values, and needs. Becoming financially independent, learning the rules of the game, and acquiring wealth is only a step away. 

At ChainMyne, you’re sure to get a personalized experience like no other!