DEFI 101

If you’ve seen this word pop up now and then while looking into the prospects of digital currencies, then you are on the right track. Getting familiar with the crypto lingo is beneficial if you want to further your financial goals and create wealth effortlessly and in comparatively no time.

However, to do so, having well-rounded knowledge of certain terms is important. DEFI being one of them, of course. So, if you’re here to learn all about DEFI, what it is, and how it has transformed financial systems today, then you have come to the right place. Read ahead to learn more and take one step closer to becoming an expert in the field of digital currencies.

DEFI, in its essence, is the short form of decentralized finance – the backbone on which digital currency rests! You may be aware of how cryptocurrency works on a peer-to-peer network that is open, transparent, and rests on the pillar of blockchain. If not, then here is a summarized version of it.

Blockchain is the system of recording and storing digital information in a manner where it cannot be tampered with. It eliminates the presence of a central authority or third party, saving up on time and added costs. It is nearly impossible to re-create or cheat the system due to strict adherence to authorization and authentication along with an open-source system. Thus, enabling users to view and confirm developments as they occur. And so individuals can trade on the digital currency platform without any restrictions.

In this regard, DEFI too takes inspiration from blockchain technology. It comprises various financial tools, products, and applications that are based on open source technology. Anyone can borrow, save, invest and trade via this feature, making it a global financial system that is easily accessible. This has been empowered by the age of the internet. Hence, DEFI applications are now popular and widely used.


DEFI ensures that the markets are always open and at less risk of human errors. There are no centralized authorities here that can deny or block access to any digital product or service. The transactions here are more secure and safer as a result. They are handled and governed by codes that anyone can view, inspect, and question.

The Future Of DEFI

DEFI can also be used to regulate the economy, for instance, Argentineans have used DEFI to pull out of inflation. In addition, many corporations across the globe have now adopted this new and improved model of finance by streaming their employee’s salaries on the DEFI system of finance. People have taken loans and paid them off without the need for any personal identification as well. Thus, making DEFI the future of financial systems.

So, now that you know why DEFI has become the emerging platform of finance today, you can get on board as well. Get in touch with ChainMyne and register right away. You can even call us for further information and guidance. We will be happy to assist you and help you achieve your financial goals and aspirations.