Women of Blockchain, Unite!

There are many great women that we can celebrate for their achievements and excellence in BlockChain. To name them all, would result in an exhaustive list that ranges from fundamental blockchain engineering to superlative artists creating memes or NFTs. Women like Piper Moretti at The Crypto Realty Group who specializes in conducting real estate transactions exclusively via cryptocurrency. Or Nina Nichols, founder of Global Women in BlockChain, actively creates and implements positive changes for women in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market via educating and mentoring. Adena Friedman – CEO of Nasdaq, one of the world’s largest electronic stock exchanges, had the foresight and innovation to adopt cryptocurrency back in 2015. It is clear that women from across the globe have taken an active role to help crypto succeed and March is the month in which we recognize these great accomplishments. Although men outnumber women in the blockchain universe, women are to be highly praised for their many attributes. So, as the natural order of life praises mother nature, we in turn honor strong and accomplished women.

“Bitcoin Began With Men. But Women May Be Cryptocurrency’s Future” 

Women have long been acknowledged as the fundamental pillars of life. As far back as history grants us to access, we have seen tangible evidence of this. The Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese text which is often quoted today for its unsolvable paradoxes and timeless proverbs is said to have been the inspiration for the infamous, ‘Art of War’. The Tao Te Ching has inspired and provoked insights in humankind for thousands of years; refining cultures and peoples of every walk of life. This impactful ancient text comprises one of the four books of Confucianism, “The Great Learning” and if rumors are to be believed… it was written by women.

Women are popularly portrayed as progressive and for good reason. In Homer’s mythological Greek epic “The Odyssey”, both Odesseus’ body and mind were controlled by a Siren’s song; a hybrid feminine creature. Who would have expected that a King, who had won the war for Troy, would succumb to a simple and sweet song? Today, women must not be ignored for they lead the charge into humankind’s future.

“Diverse teams, including those with greater gender diversity, are on average more creative, innovative and ultimately associated with greater profitability.”

ChainMyne is extremely proud to state that we stand as a female-owned and majority-operated business. 

Kimberly Rosales, CEO & Founder of ChainMyne, is a venture capitalist developing innovative solutions within financial services. She is a self-made business woman that embodies what is acknowledged in the financial sector as a “triple-threat”. She’s proven herself to be a successful entrepreneur whose personal motto has steadfastly been “Empowered women empower women”.

Kimberly is the CEO & Founder of several companies, spanning 12 years of dedication and actively working within the financial sector. She is absolutely fearless when taking on new projects that have groomed her to become a powerhouse in business development and ultimately has allowed her to gain exclusive clientele on her FX platform. 

Today, Kim embarks on a new financial project with her cryptocurrency exchange, ChainMyne, with a confidence one can only gain through hard work and complete dedication.

“Everything I have is because of my team. It’s not about me, it’s about us. Life has taught me that the more selfless you are, the more fearless you become, and the more abundant life gets.” – Kimberly Rosales, CEO & Founder, ChainMyne. 

As a proud Canadian exchange, ChainMyne is building towards a new future of financial independence, transparency, trust, and accessibility. Start trading with ChainMyne today, and experience for yourself how we provide our clients with best-in-class customer service, a tailored personalized experience, and easy access to building wealth, all through a secure and reliable platform! 

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