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Accept Cryptocurrency Payments and Boost Your Business

Expand your customer base and streamline payments with ChainMyne Pay’s secure, cost-effective crypto payment gateway.

What is ChainMyne Pay?

ChainMyne Pay is a powerful crypto payments solution that empowers businesses of all sizes to accept cryptocurrencies securely and effortlessly. We eliminate the complexities of crypto transactions, providing instant fiat conversion, fraud protection, and zero transaction fees. Whether you’re an online retailer, a freelancer, or a service provider, ChainMyne Pay opens up new revenue streams and helps you tap into the growing crypto market.

Crypto Trading App - The ChainMyne Experience

Why Choose ChainMyne Pay?

Here’s why ChainMyne Pay is the smart choice for accepting crypto payments:

Zero Commission Fees

Unlike many competitors, we don’t charge fees on crypto transactions, maximizing your revenue.

Accept Global Payments

Accept payments seamlessly from customers worldwide within minutes and zero problems.

Instant Fiat Settlement

Receive the equivalent value in your preferred currency (USD, EUR, CAD, GBP) directly to your bank account.

Expand Your Reach

Cater to a wider customer base, including the rapidly growing crypto-savvy clientele.

Lower Fraud Risk

Our robust security measures protect you from chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

How Does ChainMyne Pay Work?

Streamlined Crypto Payments

ChainMyne Pay offers various ways to integrate crypto payments into your business:


Email invoices directly to your customers with secure crypto payment options.

Multicurrency Support

Choose from a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and FIAT settlement options.

Risk-Free Solution

We make sure you don’t risk receiving crypto and losing due to volatility.

Available Currencies:

USDT is on TRC-20 and ERC-20

Ready to start accepting modern payments?

Experience the future of payments with ChainMyne Pay. Sign up today and start accepting cryptocurrencies risk-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ChainMyne ensure regulatory compliance?2024-03-04T20:18:51+00:00

ChainMyne takes crypto compliance regulations seriously to ensure the safety of your assets. We’re proudly registered with FINTRAC and FinCEN, and we strictly adhere to international AML (Anti-Money Laundering) standards. This includes measures like:

  • Client identity verification (KYC / KYB)
  • Transaction monitoring
Does ChainMyne offer crypto education resources?2024-03-04T20:19:11+00:00

Yes! We believe in empowering our users with crypto education resources. Access our growing library full of kowledge, including:

  • Crypto Basics Blog
  • Trading Guides & Tutorials
  • Market Insights & Analysis
Does ChainMyne offer crypto wealth management services?2024-03-04T19:57:50+00:00

Absolutely! We offer personalized OTC (Over-the-Counter) services designed to help high-net-worth individuals and businesses build and manage their crypto portfolios. Our services include:

  • Strategic portfolio development
  • Access to advanced trading tools
  • Dedicated client support
How do I start crypto trading with ChainMyne?2024-03-05T20:09:22+00:00

Starting your crypto journey with ChainMyne is easy! Here’s how:

  1. Download Our App: Find the ChainMyne app on your device’s app store.
  2. Create Your Account: Set up your free ChainMyne account and complete our KYC/KYB process for maximum security.
  3. Deposit Funds & Trade: Securely deposit funds via bank wire and start building your crypto portfolio.
What cryptocurrencies does ChainMyne support?2024-03-05T20:44:17+00:00

We support a wide variety of popular cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • USDC
  • Mana
  • …and more! We’re constantly expanding our offerings to provide you with the best selection of crypto assets.
Is ChainMyne a Secure Crypto App?2024-03-05T20:08:34+00:00

Yes! ChainMyne is committed to providing a secure crypto app. We employ bank-level encryption, secure storage solutions, and adhere to strict FINTRAC and FinCEN regulations. Additionally, we offer features like multi-factor authentication and secure offline storage for enhanced protection.

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